Edgeport CDN Add-On

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HTTP/3 aka HTTP-over-QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) improves web application performance by up to 60%. Web pages load faster, and viewers enjoy a better experience with content loading more efficiently. HTTP/3 provides better security since it was designed to require traffic encryption by default.

Edgeport is powered by Verizon Edgecast highly interconnected global network of Super PoPs (points of presence) with huge bandwidth capacity, advanced caching and acceleration strategies based on best-in-class IP Anycast technology.

Enterprise Performance
  • HTTP/3 ready - QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) enables maximum web performance speed and security
  • Fast-routing IP Anycast technology
  • Intelligent load balancing ensures delivery from the fastest resource for each request
  • 100% availability of the content and 30% faster performance
  • Open Peering Policies provide single-hop low latency connections to thousands of networks. Not only have we placed our Super PoPs inside the very data centers where the major backbone and last-mile providers peer with each other, we have also established direct interconnection (peering) arrangements with many of the major eyeball networks, which means we avoid multiple “hops” to reach the consumer with your amazing content
Global Presence
  • 130+ Super PoPs (points of presence) located on 6 continents
  • 4,000+ global interconnections ensure you can reach customers worldwide and scale to new markets quickly. Because our Super PoPs are strategically located at the center of the world’s fastest data interchanges, we are able to deliver more content with less overhead than other CDNs
  • Global scalability with massive capacity for static caching and dynamic content acceleration with fast TLS connection and Anycast DNS over a PCI-DSS compliant network
  • Instant content delivery to consumers worldwide
  • Our experts would assist you with your client demos.
  • Reduce requests and bandwidth from the origin location
Best ROI

Edgeport service delivery model combined with our more efficient CDN technology provides an excellent Return on Investment(ROI) for you. It lowers Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) by reducing administration costs, minimizing maintenance costs without adding value, increasing productivity and lowering the cost of services.

Advanced Security
  • Fast and secure DNS resolutions
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • TLS encryption
  • PCI-DSS compliant network
Self-Service Model

Edgeport provides transparent real-time control as well as high visibility and customization so that you can be more autonomous, agile and productive.

You can create new CNAMEs, purge content, enable compression on specific file types, create custom action based on device and location detection, rewrite URLs, rewrite headers and much more. You can implement these actions on the fly, without having to leverage costly professional services to do so.

Premium Traffic

We provide premium traffic offering same pricing across all continents and countries. Other CDNs offer higher pricing in regions like LATAM, APAC. Customers obtain this option individually depending on their demands with no surprising bills based on geographic locations, we provide a solid global pricing for all continents.

  • efficient service delivery model
  • simple and reasonably priced model
  • easy-to-use GUI and APIs
  • self-enablement tools automate the most basic of caching functions, effectively replacing time-consuming and costly professional services.


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Data Transfer
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Frequently Asked Questions

Edgeport CDN leverages a highly interconnected global network, featuring massive bandwidth capacity, advanced caching and acceleration strategies. That allows to propagate content across several geographically distributed nodes and then transfers content from the node that is closest to the user, minimizing packet movement and increasing speed and efficiency. There’s implemented a fast-routing IP Anycast technology for powerful and lightning-fast performance over the globe.
POPs stand short for Point Of Presence. PoPs are distributed data centers responsible for communicating with users. They reduce request time by bringing the content closer to the website’s visitor at the edge. More POPs a CDN provides the better performance your application gains.
Edgeport utilizes one of the largest global network of PoPs that cache copies of your web-resources content close to your viewers. Once viewer initiates a request, the CDN immediately starts caching static assets to the closest PoP and for assets not cached the Edgeport keeps persistent connections with your origin servers in order to deliver dynamic content to the viewer in the shortest terms.
Customer agrees not to use Edgeport CDN for the following activity: spam, illegal adult, mining, gambling and any kind of fraud and malicious activity. Customer agrees not to use Company services related to the Licensed Product to store, distribute, reference domain names, or distribute any material protected by trademark, copyright, patent, or other intellectual property right without owner’s consent or proper authorization. In case such activity takes place Company has the right to stop providing Licensed Product and related services without refunds. Already paid funds are used to reimburse the possible damage. Customer has to react to abuses in 24 hours’ time, otherwise the Licensed Product and related services may be temporarily or permanently disabled.
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